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Wellness Consulting

Posted on April 1, 2015 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Diane and I have been talking about the challenges we each face and the struggles that many of our patients and friends have been experiencing. What keeps coming up over and over again... is the limitation of time when working with our patients to promote a more direct and focused change in their emotional and spiritual well being. 

We have an amazing tool set to help people change their diets, their thought patterns, and their lives.  So we have decided to put together an adjunct program for our patients and all of those who are interested in making their lives and their wellness their priority.    What does wellness mean to us?  I like to think of wellness as a term to reflect the feeling of living your authentic life. Being true to your highest nature. A place where you live in what feels good and right for your heart and mind.  A state of being that feels real,  energized and alive.  When we are living on less than that we cheat ourselves from living the life we were meant to live. Diane and I are putting together a program for you to get back to your core, your Center. 

We are so excited about our launch. We are hoping to have it up and running and operational in less than 2 months.

  To learn more about how wellness consulting can help you make the break throughs necessary to change your life click here and Sign up NOW!