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"My name is Kristin T. I have suffered from chronic  back pain since 2002, caused from multiple  horse  riding accidents, 2 car accidents and other injuries. I  have spent the last 8 years seeing   doctors and chiropractors, had lower back surgery and been put  on different medications  without success. I have  been seeing Diane Olmstead, L.Ac. for about 3 months now and she has worked miracles with me.  I am in a lot less pain now and my medication has decreased from 28 pills a week down to 5-7 per  week!  I am able to clean my house, go places and  do things again without the pain I use to experience.  Some days, I have no pain!  I would, and have  recommended this form of care and healing to  ANYONE who truly wants to be in better health. Diane has done for me in three months what no other method has been able to in 8 years. She is truly a BLESSING!"


"Diane is a gifted healer and I have trusted her as my acupuncturist and herbalist since 2007.   I am  young and in fairly good health, but often suffer the effects of a hectic lifestyle:  stress, poor  digestion, low energy and fatigue. When I see her for relief of a cold, flu, or yeast infection I  generally experience relief of symptoms after one treatment and recovery after 1-2 treatments and a few days of herbs.     I find Diane‚Äôs treatments relaxing, rejuvenating, and most importantly, effective."
-  Rebecca 

"With a young family and a stressful job.... I rarely feel relaxed. After a 30 minute stress treatment from Diane I felt refreshed.  She really relaxed me.  I was surprised at how great I felt in such a short time."
 -Carlos U.

I started going to Center for Acupuncture about three months ago.  I had been experiencing Carpel Tunnel syndrome and severe pain in my elbows.  Essentially I had golfers elbow and tennis elbow at the same time as well as the wrist issues.  I had cortisone shots, prolotherapy, physical therapy and chiropractic but none of this seemed to stop the pain much less eliminate it.  Before meeting Diane I was advised I would need surgery on. Both wrists. And both. Elbows.  As a last resort I went to Diane.  For starters she spent a ton of time really evaluating my overall health before treating me.  She spends as much time as I need each visit and has lent a sympathetic ear when I needed.  I no longer have pain in my arms.  I am completely healed due to Diane.  It took a couple of months but I feel great and avoided the risks inherent with surgery.  I was also able to stop taking pain killers and medication.  I still go to Diane one a week to keep everything in order.  I have a very high stress Job with a very large company.  Going to Diane fixes many things and gives me real relaxation and a body reset.   I would rather go to her for acupuncture than have a massage.   One of the other great things is Diane does take insurance.  I would happily endorse Center and Diane personally.   You can contact me via Yelp and will happily endorse Diane to you person to person, she truly is a caring healer.  Please go see her if you have any pain!! She does also see non insurance patients.